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The Artist Series is Crimson’s life-blood, these guitars are the culmination of a decade and a half of guitar building and design brought to life with some of the most modern 3D CAD and CNC technologies, allowing us to produce them at half the price and with amazing replicability. There is a small range of timber options in the base series and they come as standard with our own hand wound, Dorset made pickups. The models then either receive a stunning high gloss lacquer finish or those with exotic woods get a tactile oil finish, they look incredible.

The Artist Descendant is our number one, it’s based on one of the most classic of classic guitars with a few of our own design changes to modernize the feel and play-ability. We have used fantastic hardware on this guitar, from the through strung bridge to the stunning open backed Gotoh Tuners and the choice of either of our hand wound pickups, the Valenti Humbucker set or the Aquila P90 set.




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